The organisers are grateful to the participants from OzACI workshop in 2017 and for the support and ongoing input from Jon Coe, Julia Hoy, Peter Murray and participants in the Digital Life Lab, USQ symposium.

Ann Morrison

Ann Morrison is a Senior Research Fellow at Digital Life Lab, USQ working on mobility and social inclusion with elders and animals. Ann remains affiliated as an Associate Professor for Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark where Ann led the Urban Vibrations Lab and designed a range of tangible solutions to enhance states of well-being, mobility, safety and social interaction for everyday circumstance, assistive care and urban environments.

Jane Turner

Jane Turner is a lecturer and researcher in Interaction and Visual Design in the School of Design at the Queensland University of Technology. Her research is concerned with design, stories and criticality. Her research into game design and stories has recently been enhanced by rediscovering the joy of sharing life with a companion animal.

Sarah Webber

Sarah Weber is a doctoral candidate at the University of Melbourne’s Interaction Design Lab. Her research investigates the role of digital technologies in zoos. In particular, she examines how animals’ use of interactive technology impacts on people’s perceptions of, and affective responses to the animals. She has a background in interaction design and user research, and has contributed to projects examining technologies to support family memories, wellbeing, and social interactions.